Is There a Link Between Sexual Promiscuity & Divorce Rates In America?

It is estimated that in the US today, half of the first time marriages will probably end up in divorce and that a 10% more in second time marriages will also meet its end in a divorce court. And this number is not getting lower. There was a time that divorce was avoided at all cost. But modern society has become more forgiving with this act. And there was a time too that the only acceptable cause for divorce is physical abuse, now, more and more reasons and factors are being included into the list of why married couples should divorce. Technology did not help when the internet was made known to the public and access to sites such as one night stand websites can be easily attained opening a more convenient avenue to betrayal. Yes, marriage today has more to contend with now that society has accepted it and technology has provided a way for men and women to meet and have sex if they want to. And while it is not treated as the main reason for divorce today, it cannot be denied how divorce rates today are still on its highest historical number, just when the people are being exposed to sexual information and casual dating online.

When last recourse became the only thing to do


“Holding on to that last straw”

Divorce is nothing new and American government has always believed that divorce is a moral duty. Divorce serves as a protection setting the moral boundary in a marriage where lines can easily be crossed between two separate individuals made into one through their vows. It is clear that there are just a lot of human behavior that can violate this moral boundary and if there is no means to check or stop this, it can endanger a person’s well being and in worst cases, life. However, divorce should always be the last recourse, especially if children are involved. For marriages involved in spats, arguments, and quarrels or marriage is unsatisfactory, divorce should never be considered. Parents also have an obligation to make the marriage work. Divorce should be avoided and couples should work on saving rather severing a marriage.

When divorce happens – valid reasons and excuses


“Factors that lead to divorce can be avoided”

There are many factors that make a marriage vulnerable to divorce, according to a lot of researches about divorce and these are: young age, lack of education, lack of money, living in, premarital pregnancy, different religious affiliations, children of divorced parents and insecurities. It is frightening to see that divorce seems to multiply as children of divorcees have a higher tendency to divorce. But these are just facts and can be worked on through determination and education.
Unfortunately, there are couples today, who rather divorce than save the marriage, especially if the marriage is under strain due to lack of commitment with each other, infidelity, unrealistic expectations, unpreparedness, stress and a lot more, couples who are no longer satisfied or are unhappy with the marriage and are unable to communicate with each other also seek out divorce courts rather than marriage counselors.
But divorce rates for the past 10 years are not at its highest in the history. Divorce cases soared high in the 70s and 80s and now steadied at 3.6 to 4.0 rates per 1000 population for the past 10 years. 73% of these divorcees sought divorce because of lack of commitment. Infidelity comes in the second as a reason for divorce at 56% and unfortunately is gaining rapidly as one night stand websites and online dating websites amass online. And abuse comes in as the last reason for divorce in the US at 29%.
It is interesting to note that more than half of couples admitted that if they worked harder, they could have saved the marriage. 74% of the men who divorced their wives admitted that if their wives worked harder, they wouldn’t divorce at all. And the most amazing part is that there is quite a handful of divorced couples who worked on to reconcile the marriage after divorce. It just shows that no matter the reason, the factor that made a person vulnerable to opt divorce and the excuse to divorce a spouse, there is a great percentage of divorcees regretting divorcing their ex.

How sexual promiscuity contributes to the continuous rise of divorce rate?


“A great factor contributing to the rise of divorce rates”

There are three major reasons that people think a married couple should divorce if encountered in marriage and these are physical abuse, infidelity and addictions. And these days, more couples are being afflicted with sexual promiscuity as people are provided with the convenience of having sex without commitment from one night stand websites and/or other dating sites. There is plenty of booty call dating sites on the internet, some of which are mentioned here: These sites promote booty call internet dating without discrimination, you can be married, single, Bi etc. No wonder infidelity became one of the leading reasons of divorce these days as there are more opportunity to be unfaithful are now presented. It does not matter that the society today has become tolerant with sexual acts; being unfaithful is still seen as a moral violation.
Around 63% of the married couples in the US today says that they will divorce their spouses in case they found out that they were being unfaithful. It is hard to go beyond the trauma of learning that you have been cheated on. That is why, infidelity continue to contribute to the rise of divorce rate. And as couples encounter left and right slap of temptations wherever they go, it is really hard to resist a little adventure on the side.
Fortunately, there are organizations and professionals who are making the effort on educating couples about infidelity. While the injured party might feel the need to avenge the pain and the cheating partner might not get over with the guilt, divorce is not recommended in this case.
That is why, out of the 63% of couples who voiced out the divorce for infidelity, only half of them will push through it in case it does happen. Still, it is half too many making infidelity as one of the major reasons for divorce – the second reason of divorce at the moment. So it can easily be said that sexual promiscuity contributes to the divorce rate today.
And this is a concern that should be contended with to avoid more divorce in the future. There is no getting around it, as the internet is providing both chances and access to sexual acts and as the society is quite open to marriage dating, the rise of infidelity is inevitable. If this continues to increase, more and more married couple might find themselves in divorce court and this is never for the couple, the children and the society in general.

So, when should a divorce be right?


“Make the right decision, so you never regret it”

Is there an instance that divorce is the only course of action to take? When a marriage is being terrorized with physical and sexual abuse, then divorce became necessary. If a couple worked on together beyond one night stand websites experiences and rebuild the marriage together, they can actually create a stronger and lasting relationship with each other. At times, it takes these kinds of pains to gain one important thing that is slowly slipping away. Like a test of fire, if a couple goes beyond sexual promiscuity, then divorce rates will surely decrease.
Divorce should only be done as a last recourse and the reason should be physical abuse and sexual terrorism by a spouse. A little one night stand websites or booty call naughtiness should be worked on. No, marriage counselors don’t dismiss infidelity but they advise the couple to work the marriage beyond this experience.

Love Without Sex: Is It Possible & Can It Last?


“Is love without sex possible?”

Have you ever considered the question: are there are couples out there who do not engage in sex throughout their relationship with one another? I’m sure there are but whether they are happy, faithful and if the relationship will last is another point entirely and I feel not one with such a positive answer. Sex and love are closely linked, many people have sex without being in love but doing it the other way around is very difficult to handle and possibly impossible to sustain.

You will not feel attractive without sex

One reason why I feel that a relationship cannot last without sex is because without it, over time you will think that your partner finds you very attractive unattractive. There could be a perfectly good reason why one of the people in the relationship doesn’t want sex, they could have some sort of condition that prohibits it or they could be asexual (no desire for sex). However, everyone has the desire to feel “wanted”, without it you could become very depressed and insecure about yourself. This is when you might set your sights elsewhere, feeling attractive is human nature and the sexless relationship will struggle to survive because you will be searching for somebody who wants you.

Sex makes you healthy

A good sexual encounter with your partner can make for a much better night’s sleep which is necessary to be healthy. It also gives you an energy boost throughout the day which will make you happier and more positive in every aspect of your life. Sex is a very good exercise and is actually a very effective way to keep fit and lose weight. It will make you glow and overall healthier in the way that you look and the way that you feel.

It expresses love without having to say anything


“Express your love with your actions”

Some men find words hard to say and they cannot express their feelings using this method. Having sex can express all the words that is needed to be said. That is why it is known as “making love” to many people. It is not all about the act, it is about bodies joining as one. It might sound corny but as you look into your partner’s eyes when making love, it makes you feel close, contented and happy.

Sex relieves stresses of the day

When you reach orgasm, hormones are released in your body which makes strain and stress of day to day life all but disappear. That is why when a couple go for a while without sex, they are more likely to be moody and snappy with each other. When someone is “horny”, it is not necessarily because they want to feel the pleasure of sex – it can be for a number of reasons including because they want to unleash some of their built up frustration. After a particularly hard day – forget having a cigarette or drink to make you feel better, have sex.

Sex is fun and makes us happy


“Sex can influence your mood in a great way”

The act of intercourse is fun and can make us happy. Whether you live a busy or boring life, it is a way to have fun. It makes you feel naughty and unleashes a side of your personality that is perhaps usually hidden. The hormones that are released while having sex make you feel really happy with your life and with your partner. If you had an argument with your partner, sex is a way to make up without pointless chatting that gets you nowhere. It is a well researched fact that couples who have a good sex life are more content with their lives than those who do not have sex or have it very rarely. I think that it is a big contributor as to why it is impossible to have a long lasting relationship without sex.

Sex is a way to connect with your partner


“Connect at a deeper level”

Do you ever feel quite distant from your partner and you are not sure why? Think about when the last time when you had sex and I bet it was a while ago or at least a week. Sex connects you to your partner in a way that cuddling and kissing does not. As your bodies are joined, so are your minds – it is almost a way to get in sync with each other and understand each other better. I think that lack of sex in a relationship is sadly a reason why many people cheat. They want what you are not giving them, that physical contact offers them many things psychologically including emotional closeness.

It gives pleasure that is comparable to nothing else


“The Pleasure is unexplainable”

The final reason why I think love cannot exist without sex is simply because of the pleasure that it brings. It’s a type of pleasure that can’t be described, some women jokingly compare it with eating a bar of chocolate but I don’t think that sex can be compared with anything else. This pleasure makes us relax and makes us happy, if you don’t have sex – I bet that you would feel like you are majorly missing out on something and you would be. I don’t think that your relationship is the real deal if you don’t have sex and I think that your partner is being very selfish if they constantly refuse to have sex with you.

The link between sex and technology

We live in a time where sex is a prominent part of our culture; it’s everywhere that we turn in the media and in magazines. Many single people turn to casual online dating sites to find people to have casual fun with. There is nothing wrong with this but it just shows how important people find sex. If people join casual online dating sites with the hope of finding someone that they connect with. After a short period of time they expect sex and if they don’t get it, they are likely to find somebody else. It is an unwritten rule that these people are here to find somebody to date but also somebody to have sex with. Now, there are many casual sex websites on the internet, but keep an eye out for casual dating scams as well. The sex dating websites online is flooded with scammers. So, make sure that you choose only the legit websites to find a suitable partner.

I do not feel that love without sex can last, at least not in the long term. It’s possible to have deep feelings for somebody without sex but I don’t think that kind of love is sustainable in a long term relationship. One or both parties in the relationship would grow frustrated with the other and leave. This is because sex offers so much and it’s impossible to fully express your love without having sex with a person. Lack of sex contributes to the high number of divorces that are currently occurring; it helps to keep a relationship strong. I think that if you are looking for a relationship but also want plenty of sex in that relationship that looking into casual online dating sites would be a good option for you. Meeting somebody on casual online dating sites might start as just a sexual relationship but this could soon turn into love. If you met a person this way at least you would know that the sex would last because this is the way in which you met. A good sex life equals a healthy, happy and faithful relationship.

New BlackBerry 10 – Can It Save Blackberry?

Given that Blackberry became the capable smartphone of 2003, new players then came to the market bearing their own version of what a smartphone should be. In 2012, brands such as Apple, Samsung and Nokia outsold Blackberry in the smartphone market. Blackberry was able to top the first half of the last decade but today, it seems that’s falling behind in the smartphone revolution. Last year, RIM CEO Thorsten Hens announced grim financial news about the company’s finances. Sales for 2012 were down and it has also cut almost 5,000 employees.

Still Blackberry is not throwing in the towel just yet; their latest offering to the market is Blackberry 10. Let’s take a look at its features below:

Blackberry 10 uses a whole new user interface and it somewhat resembles Android and iOS but still it has unique features. It has unified home screen, widgets, app list and an inbox in one interface thus giving users an easy navigation experience.

Can Blackberry Z10 save the

Can Blackberry Z10 save the

Lock Screen

The lock screen is the first thing you’ll see on a Blackberry 10. The screen features time and date , notifications , unread messages and calendar events. To unlock it, all you have to do is to slide your finger upward the screen. Once it’s unlocked, you will get the home screen.

There’s also a button to open the camera from the lock screen.

Home Screen

The homescreen is made of ‘Active Frames’ or what can be called as mini-applications. It will give you a bird’s eye view of the apps and once you tap it, you’ll be taken to the full version of the application.

Blackberry 10 can only display up to eight of your most active frames. It will show your most used apps and the latest app will be shown on the top-left position. Four active frames are shown on the screen at one time; and to see the other apps, you’d have to scroll down. If you’d like to exit out of an app, there’s no back button. You exit out of the app by swiping your finger up away from the bottom of the screen.

Peek and Flow

Peek and Flow are the main aspects of the BlackBerry 10. Flow refers to how a user can glide between applications and screen. There’s no back or home button. Peek allows users to check latest notifications and messages without necessarily leaving the current application you’re in. You just have to swipe up over the screen and the BlackBerry 10 will minimise the app you’re viewing and it will show the notifications.

BlackBerry Hub and BBM

BlackBerry Hub is the universal inbox that pulls all forms of call, texts, emails, BBMs and social updates. This is exclusive to BlackBerry 10. BBM or Blackberry Messenger will come with a new feature, BBM video.

BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger,

BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger,


With the BlackBerry 10, the keyboard will now be at an all-touch interface.

Camera, Browser and More

BlackBerry 10 is proud of its ‘Time Shift’ feature and with it users can select the subject’s perfect smile after taking the photo. With its browser, BlackBerry 10 is using a minimalist style and it’s like the Internet Explorer of a Windows phone. It still uses Adobe Flash which will allow users to view videos. BlackBerry 10 also uses offers Cascades which is new system that allows quick multitasking to and from applications.

Looking at its features, BlackBerry 10 is certainly running on the gestures where users can touch the screen. It’s like a Playbook but with other features such as the BlackBerry Hub, video chat and screen sharing. However Blackberry still needs to rival all the other brands such as iPhone and Android when it comes to offering more apps. The coming of BlackBerry 10 may long be overdue since plenty of consumers have adapted to the iOS and Android environment. BlackBerry10 still has to offer very unique features that will make others consumers want to leave their iPhone or Android smartphones. It is possible that BlackBerry 10 can just keep Blackberry afloat.

Romantic Date Ideas in New York – Ways to Have a Memorable Date

New York has an atmosphere where you could enjoy a very romantic candle light dinner date, world famous fruit martinis, as well as an abundance of music options and venues which will calm your soul with some of the world’s finest sounds.

Here are three great date ideas in New York City that you can do.

  1. The ultimate way to start up a romantic date out, obviously, is always to make sure you aren’t headed on an empty tummy. New York offers many of the earth’s finest dining places. The city plays host for plenty of award winning dining activities, and there is really no shortage of selections for almost any taste that is available.

You want to make your personal research when you arrive in New York, however a great recommendation for a romantic dinner date will be Le Marais. Found on 150W. 46th street, the Le Marais offers an excellent mixture of exotic foods as well as salads, and it has comfortable surroundings to help you digest the great tasting flavors they offer.

She also stays up to date with

She also stays up to date with

  1. As soon as you are confident you have satisfied your appetite, now you can slip into one of the nearby bars as well as lounges to have a martini or perhaps a sip of your favorite drink. You will find it is not at all hard to find a great spot for a drink in the middle of New York City. When you have warmed up your mood with a drink or even two, you may either go to one of the several theatres which New York city offers mastered of, you can also go for a walk through central park in planning for a club dancing or even high energy entertainment.

  2. When you are all set for taking your date out then show him/her what you are made of, think about Fashion 40 lounge to be your first stop. The lounge is found in the corner of 7th Avenue, and a lot of in New York look at it as a hot spot and a must stop by, particularly if this is your first date. The clubs spins hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and also the high energy DJ set for an evening of electronic enjoyment. Fashion 40 is a pretty new spot all things considered, however it has rapidly established itself like a major player for a romantic nightlife and most rave evaluations have spring from the customers. Enjoy a few drinks, laugh with each other over a few silly joke, then hit the dance floor all night. From the looks of things, you will not end up being disappointed.

After the two of you consider you’re ready to move ahead, you may either take the following obvious part of making your own romantic date complete, or maybe you are looking for somewhat “pick me up” to work some energy to your veins, you may swing to DT/UT or (downtown/uptown).The DT/UT serves as a coffee lounge, restaurant, as well as bar packed to one unique experience.

Remember, these date ideas

Remember, these date ideas

After that, the rest of the evening is yours to carry out as you wish. I hope these romantic dating ideas can help create your dating experience an evening to remember.

3 Tips to Increase the Weight You are Lifting

Weight lifting achieves basically 3 purposes: building muscles, getting slim, and being strong. It is ideal for both men and women although the latter will not gain as much muscle as the men even if they carry as much weight. It is simply the hormonal make up of women, thus, getting unnecessary bulky should not be feared at all.

You may have heard that to build muscles, you need to go heavy with few reps; to get slimmer, or to define your muscles, you go light but with many repetitions. While the first part is true, the latter part is a myth. The truth is, you decrease your body fat, as a whole, by decreasing your calorie intake, gradually to acceptable level. When you lose the fats surrounding your muscles, lifting weights will develop and tone your muscles. Thus, spot reducing (training a specific area to lose fat) is another myth because losing fat is naturally systemic and not localized.

It is also common notion that you have to train at least 3 days a week to see results and doing less will make your muscles shrink. The truth is, muscles need rest. It is during this rest time that your torn muscle tissues rebuild which will, in time, be the reason for gradual growth. When your muscles no longer ache due to your previous workout, then you can work it out again, even if it takes 3-5 days later. Subjecting your muscles to another workout while still in pain will only defeat the purpose.

increase the Weight

increase the Weight

Another myth is doing 3 sets per exercise is a must and that you need to do several exercises to see progress. What studies have proven is maximum muscle growth can be stimulated even by merely one, but high intensity, workout.

Remember, though, it is important to have good/correct form. Do not strain your neck or arch your back. Do not rock or swing to gain momentum. Without good/correct form it is easy to be injured and your effort will be less effective.

Remember to breathe. Use your nose to maximize the generation of oxygen. The mouth is for eating, the nose is for breathing. Exhale when you lift the weight, inhale when you lower it…slowly…and make use of your lower lungs by making sure it is your stomach that enlarges, and not your chest, when you inhale.

1. Start with a light weight

Take a weight that you can lift easily. If you can do 20 reps of a certain exercise, your weight is too light. When you can do only 5, your weight is too heavy. If you can do no more than 10 reps, you can stick with that weight for the moment.

2. Know when to increase the weight

If you feel easily comfortable with your current weight, then it is time to add some more. Muscles adapt in time to the weight you carry. If you find that you can easily do 20 reps again, then the weight you are lifting has become too light for you. It is time to increase the weight.

How to Know When to. Increase

How to Know When to. Increase

3. Know how much weight to increase

Start with an increment of a pound or two when you add weight. Imagine if you are lifting 5 lbs, going 10 lbs will be doubling the weight for your muscles. If there are no interim weights, a set of magnets can be added to the ends of a dumbbell or barbell.

The Top Three Must Read Financial Magazines

It takes a lot of discipline, determination, focus, and diligence to boast of a successful investment portfolio. One has to mix the right ingredients and in the right measure. Financial magazines offer necessary information about managing finances, saving money while still paying taxes, the dos and don’ts of investing among many other things. In these magazines, prospective investors will find relevant and up-to date information about any type of investment. A huge array of magazine publications is available both in the print media and in the internet. These magazines usually cover a wide range of topics such as investing, economics, financing retirement and insurance, homeownership tips, and many others.

The best attribute about most of these financial magazines is the fact that most of them are very easy to read and highly understandable. These publications come in handy for businesspersons, executives, and casual investors. One of the most effective ways of developing financial intelligence is through constantly reading of financial publications. They equip one with adequate and abundant knowledge on how to handle finance issues. They bring with them an insight of what takes place in the business world and how to be best among the many.

Our inaugural list of the best

Our inaugural list of the best

Probably the many of you are shocked by knowing that they can become financial geniuses by just reading finance publications. This is quite true and nothing but the truth. If possible, it is important to invest in these magazines through subscriptions so that you do not miss on any publication. Below is a look at the three must read financial magazines for any prospective investor.

Must read magazine #1: The Economist

This is one of the must read top-notch financial magazines. As a professional magazine, it mainly focuses on financial and investment professionals. It sheds more light on the current trends in the world stock markets and other issues. This respected publication with headquarters in London, boasts of deliberative and clam points of view. The main content of this publication focuses on commodities, bonds, stocks and financial markets etc. it takes pride in over a million subscribers from all over the world.

Must read magazine #2: The Forbes magazine

Investors worldwide read this respected magazine. Forbes magazine has excellent content that focus on stock markets, leadership, entrepreneurship, lifestyle/travel and personal finance. The fact that it is accessible and highly enjoyed by the public makes it very popular. It is published biweekly and boasts of over nine hundred thousand subscribers.

Must read magazine #3: The Wall Street Journal

Individuals curious to know about the trends of the different stock markets in the world ought to have a copy of the Wall Street Journal. It boasts of over two million circulations and has rises from seven thousand subscribers to close to nine hundred thousand subscribers. This publication is read by over forty two million people throughout the world. Yes, that is the wide extent that this magazine is read.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

The three stand as the most popular and must read financial magazines currently. Others are the Investor’s Business Daily, Kiplingers, Smart Money, Money Magazine and the Financial Times among many others. Get your copy today and start the journey towards financial freedom.

Building The Right Connection

You are a newbie in the business or in your profession but you don’t know any. Having the proper network is very crucial in order for your business or profession to flourish. But we have to face it not everyone is very good in socializing, in creating a network. Others would even turn black and blue before they actually say hi. Networking is not that hard. Here are three simple things to guide you in creating your network.


It is very simple yet very powerful. Smile can often brighten up a sad heart, it can relax a scared. A smile can turn an awkward situation into a very light and happy conversation. A smile is very important in creating a network. It can help start a conversation. You can make someone feel comfortable even if you just met a few minutes. It relieves the tension between two people who don’t know each other. This helps in building rapport with other people. This helps them up open up to you. Do not be afraid to smile at other people and approach them, the worst thing that can happen is just them not smiling back. It’s time to give your facial muscles some exercise.

A guide to building the right

A guide to building the right

Listen and Remember

More often than not, people would want to talk about themselves. No matter how good your product is or how good you are in your profession, others would not be interested just yet to know that. But when they start talking and you listen well, you even remember their names or the things they talk about, they would see that you are sincere and would take the time to know them and listen to them. That’s the time they notice you and start getting interested in what you do or what you have.

Be ready with a business card

Sure, you had a lot of fun in the conversation, but that should not veer you away from your goal, that is to create your network. When you’ve spent a considerable amount of time talking, it’s time to move on to another person. And what a better way to end that, of course you have to excuse yourself and leave your calling card if you have one and ask for their calling cards as well. This would be of great help so that when time comes they would need your services, or need your products, they can get in touch with you right away or if you get their business card, you can make a follow up should they show interest in what you can do for them.

always the right connection

always the right connection

Networking is a wonderful thing not only because it gives you the right connection, the clients for you to succeed. More than that, it can also give you friendships that can last a lifetime.